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Policies Designed For Your Life

Lesk Financial Life Insurance specializes in policies tailored to your unique needs. Through protecting your family’s future, enhancing your retirement, and safeguarding your income, Lesk aligns our actions with your goals.

Mother holding child's hand signifying the importance of life insurance

Life Insurance for Protection

Peace of mind is knowing that your family’s financial future will be secure should anything happen to you. Your mortgage will still be paid. Your daughter will have the money she needs for college. Your family will continue to thrive. Life insurance is also so much more than just peace of mind. Innovations in the insurance industry have created policies that can help you while you are still alive. Today’s life insurance is vital to sound retirement and estate planning. Lesk Life Insurance is a leader in helping craft strong policies that align with your financial dreams and goals.

Tax-Free Income and Cash Accumulation

Modern life insurance policies are an excellent vehicle for cash accumulation unspoiled by federal taxes and market volatility. Indexed Universal and Variable policies accumulate cash value on market upswings that can be borrowed against for living benefits. Life Insurance can ensure that your retirement is spent relaxing instead of worrying about life expenses on a fixed budget. Whole Life policies offer stable interest returns safe from the Wall Street rollercoaster. Best of all, your beneficiaries will receive the cash they need should anything happen to you. The substantial tax-free benefit of your policy will allow them to benefit tomorrow from the decisions you make today.

Long Term Care

Long term care

The price of Long Term Care in the United States has been on the rise for decades. As we age, 3 out of every 4 Americans will require care at some point in their lives. With costs in the tens of thousands of dollars per year, long-term care can decimate an otherwise robust asset portfolio. Lesk Life Insurance has the answers when it comes to protecting your legacy if you require long-term care in the future. Long Term Care policies are more affordable than you might think and can be added to existing life insurance policies to increase your overall benefits.

Policy Reviews

Does the insurance policy you purchased 10 years ago still fit with your life today? As your life changes, your protection needs change with it. Maybe you’ve started a family since you last purchased insurance. Perhaps you’ve purchased a new home or landed a new job. Your life insurance policy should reflect these changes. The team at Lesk Life Insurance is happy to review your current policies to make sure that they are aligned with your needs and goals today. Policy Reviews are free and provide prescient insight into how to keep your protection and your dynamic life on track.

Policy Reviews

We Are Here For You

We are happy to provide educational resources, answers to your questions and concerns, along with outstanding service regarding your life insurance and retirement needs. Drop us a message and let us know how we can help.

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